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Wes Hill

Broker Owner

Hello, I’m Wes Hill. I grew up in Houston, Texas, and I own the place.

I spent some time in Dallas/Fort Worth in commercial real estate. I was back in Houston in 1980 and received a call from someone I had been associated with in Dallas. He asked if I remembered the property in Colorado he had purchased in 1972. He said he wanted to develop it and would I be interested in moving to Colorado. I told him I had only been there once but I’d take a look. Nancy and I flew into Chaffee County with him, spent four days and said “let’s do it.” We were here permanently January 1981 and will never live anywhere else.

The development my associate was talking about (Mesa Antero) went well. Realizing that it would sell out some day, we got an opportunity to buy the Century 21 franchise in 1985. I’ve worked with clients from across the world, in Saudi Arabia, Berlin, Germany, Caribbean and all over the United States. My philosophy is that property will sell itself in Chaffee County. Once you see this beautiful place, you will want to own a piece of it. We have enjoyed everyone and everything we experience here and in the real estate business.

Some of my best friends today are people I would never have met if I were not in the business.

My clients, my employees, and my associates give me a reason to look forward to every day. I look forward to being of service to you and making a new friend.

Wes Hill was named best Realtor in 2005 and received the 2008 Distinguished Service Award from the Chaffee County Board of Realtors.  This award has only been given 2 times in the history of the Board.  Wes was recognized for his long term commitment and service to the real estate profession.

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